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Introduction to Reconstructive Surgery Techniques

Empower Your Career - 2 CEU Credits


Course Description

In this technical seminar you’ll learn how to gain confidence in the embalming room for major
trauma cases. Michelle will demonstrate step by step on how to disinfect, preserve, and restore
tissues effected by trauma, severe burns, and decomposition. This class focuses on open casket
viewing by using innovative postmortem surgical techniques for bone and soft tissue repair. You
will learn new waxing methods for soft tissue repair and tips for applying airbrush cosmetics. You’ll
also discuss the importance of acquiring proper legal authorizations prior to restoration and
sensitive vocabulary to use while dealing with families. You’ll explore tips for arrangement logistics
for difficult cases where time is needed for adequate repair. Whether you are an experienced or novice embalmer you will feel empowered after attending this seminar and will have many
practical things to take away including Michelle’s personal mission statement: “SOMETHING – Is
possible if you’re willing to TRY”.

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